We understand your needs and design preferences.

We spend the time to get to know you to clearly understand your needs and design preferences. We will work with you to deliver your project to your specifications, to your budget and within your timeframe.

Working with our full-service building design and construction management team, takes the stress out of the building process and  frees up more of your time to spend with your friends or family.

Building for the first time can be a daunting and overwhelming task. We aim to provide you the guidance and support you require to achieve the results you are looking for, without being taken advantage of by building contractor’s.

Our friendly team will act on your behalf as an intermediary with your own contractor, one of our preferred builders to ensure you achieve value for your money.


Our Building Design & Construction Service Involves:

  • Understand your needs and design preferences
  • Customised Architectural Design
  • Interior Design Consultation
  • Finishes Schedule
  • Value Management
  • Sourcing Unique Building Products
  • Contract Negotiation & Tendering
  • Construction Management & Delivery

If you are new to the building process, or if you have experienced difficulties with language barriers, our experienced English, Chinese and Spanish speaking consultants are ready to help you build your dream home today.